Veative VR Learn Modules

More than just virtual tours

Veative delivers 3D Models, 360 Videos, simulations and assessments.


Veative VR modules are now available in Biology, Chemistry Physics and Mathematics for schools. All can be adapted to any language and any curriculum.


Veative VR modules include tasks exercises and other interactive activities immersing the students in the subject matter and enhancing their learning. A controller is used to deliver this interactivity.

Collaborating with education specialists.

Our in-house education experts work alongside teachers and digital innovators to create classroom-ready content solutions that complement teaching and learning.

Mapped to curriculum used in the classroom

Our high-quality, interactive and practical content and tools slot into any curriculum to support teachers in delivering more engaging and effective lessons.

Veative VR Learn Technology

Veative has adapted VR technology and designed it for use specifically in educational and training environments. Veative’s modules are interactive, easy to use, and enable student-centered learning, that can reinforce any science or mathematics curriculum.

Veative All-in-One VR Educational headset

Veative VR Learn modules can now be delivered in an all-in-one headset which operates without a phone. This makes management of the equipment simple and avoids any issues arising from use of phones.

Veative Wireless Controller

The handheld controller enables navigation and engages the student in the VR module. Objects can be manipulated by the student, such as virtual experiments.

Compatibility and Cost

Whilst Veative VR Learn works with all VR technology, delivery for education includes use of any Google Cardboard device for simplicity and cost-efficiency. Veative works with all technology!

Veative VR Learn in the classroom

How is the Veative VR Learn used in the classroom?

Management App for Classroom Management

Veative VR Learn, puts control in the hands of teachers. Teachers control student screens including blanking them to get attention (Heads up), Teachers can install/uninstall and launch VR modules remotely on student’s devices.

Content Delivery App for Content Management

The Veative VR Learn, content delivery app is employed for delivery of high quality interactive VR modules. Students can easily organize their existing VR modules and also add new ones in the My Library section of the content delivery app.

The Internet and Local (offline) Delivery Options

Veative enables students and teachers to download VR content from the online store or from a local (offline) content access point.


Built-in learner feedback and tracked assessment ensures that learners stay on task. The offline version is supported by our proprietary analytics system that stores results locally and syncs with the server when an Internet connection is available.

LMS / LRS Integration

Veative provides its own proprietary reporting system for students, teachers and parents to view analytics. Analytics data can also be sent to any other LMS / LRS system used by schools.