Storage & Charging Options

Secure Classroom

The Veative VR Learn solution may come with a secure, portable trolley to keep headsets charged and safe when they are not in use. The trolley can be easily transported between classrooms.

  • Trolley Open View
  • Trolley Closed View

The Portable Trolley is a
30 VR Headset Storage Unit

This trolley can store up to 30 VR Headsets and controllers, and a teacher tablet. It is equipped with a built-in charging system and data transfer cables.

Multiple charging points with
Built-in voltage switch

  • Multiple charging points for headsets and tablet ensure fast and smooth charging along with data transmission to the devices
  • Built-in interchange input voltage switch (110VAC - 240VAC)
Multi-charging points and wire management in Trolley
Data Transmission Point view

Content transmission by
Single data transfer

Single data transfer cable for content loading of headsets. Modules can be loaded to all headsets at a single go.

Also available in
Smaller Case

  • Stores 4 to 8 headsets, router and tablet
  • Multiple charging points for headsets and tablet
  • Single data transfer cable for content loading of headsets
  • Small VR storage Unit - Closed View
  • Small VR storage Unit - Open View
  • Small VR storage Unit

Lightweight portable

Easily transport devices and other equipment between classrooms, or to various locations throughout the school

  • Trolley Storage Unit without charging points
  • Trolley Storage Unit - store up to 18 headsets

Stores up to

  • Store as many as 18 VR headsets, controllers, router and tablet
  • Acts as a central storage unit, to keep devices safe while not in use
VR headsets and controllers
Device Agnostic
VR Solution for Schools
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