VR Headset & Controller

Device Agnostic VR Solution for Schools

  • Veative VR content works with all major VR standalone consoles i.e. Oculus Go, PICO VR, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream and Veative All-in-One VR
  • Handheld controller enables navigation and engages the student in the Virtual Reality module
  • Go beyond 360° images and videos
  • Play interactive VR content using a handheld controller
  • Perform Virtual Experiments and manipulate objects in an immersive environment
  • Oculus Go by Facebook
  • PICO Goblin
  • Google DayDream Mobile VR
  • Samsung GearVR
  • Google DayDream Standalone VR
  • Controller pic 1
  • Controller pic 2
  • Controller pic 3

handheld controller

The Veative handheld controller enables navigation and allows for interactivity within the Virtual Reality module. Objects inside the module can be manipulated, and assessment answers can be selected, typed and/or adjusted. The environment is virtual, but the control placed in the hands of learners is real.

Choice of wired & wireless Veative VR controllers

controller with USB connector
controller with Ctype connector
controller with Micro USB connector
Wireless Controller
Portable VR Kit
Portable storage trolley
to keep headsets charged & safe
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