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Education is the foundation for any child and any society. Veative is on a mission to enhance the learning experience of young learners and support the teaching experience of instructors. In doing so, we hope to positively influence engagement, retention and desire to learn.

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VR Learning Experience

Gaining real-life experience in certain professions can be difficult to achieve, dangerous, or just plain expensive. However, VR can connect users with those experiences, from the most specialized skill-set training, to simple lab experiments performed by school students

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  • Transcend time and space
  • Discover through 3D observation
  • Venture safety into science labs
  • Learn math in authentic settings
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  • Learn via trial and error, for deeper understanding
  • Simulate roles: Be the scientist!
  • Explore with guided feedback
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  • Encourage with in-play feedback
  • Collaboration with educator
  • Analytics, which inform teaching decisions
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Interactive VR Modules


Physics is an extremely important subject, which allows us to connect with the physical world. Its inherent complexity can be intimidating, as students can easily doubt whether they are up to the task. But removing that sense of intimidation for learners can be empowering and inspiring. Using immersive experiences promotes that connection between learner and concept, inspiring greater inquiry.


Chemistry can be a difficult subject to grasp as learners are often confused by obscure terms and processes. Instructors are always on the lookout for ways to allow students to realize that chemistry manifests itself in everyday life. Distraction-free learning, inside a virtual environment, is conducive to engaging learners in focused attention on difficult concepts.


Life is a wonder, and learning about the intricacies of the world around us, at a biological level, is now within the grasp of learners. Enter into a plant, become a part of an ecosystem, and feel a connection with the smallest particles that make up the basis of life. From genes to proteins, or cells to protoplasm, immersion into this world brings life, to life!


Mathematical concepts are not always easily visualized, handicapping learners who just don’t “get it.” However, Veative has created some interesting ways to bring students into the world of maths, by connecting difficult-to-grasp ideas with real world situations, all in a virtual world! When a polyhedron is no longer a flat image, but a 3D, interactive object, it starts to make more sense. When that object can be explored from the inside, spatial intelligence is activated and a deeper understanding is within the reach of learners.

educational tours

A sense of wonder. This is what we wish to awaken. For many schools, students may not get a chance to visit and explore some of the wonders of this world… until now. Take your learners to the Eiffel Tower and stand in awe of this simple, yet majestic, landmark. Allow your charges the chance to feel what life is like in Paris, yet at the same time, learn about the architect, design and construction of this wondrous sight.

language learning

VR enables real life experiences, in the safe and comfortable environment needed to ignite language learning. Role-play situations can be enhanced by interacting with virtual people. Scenario-based modules allow a connection between the scene, the context, and the target language. This airport scenario brings learners into a new world, and helps to arouse a desire to learn more.

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