Immersive Walkthroughs

Break Through Limitations

An immersive walkthrough can be a very powerful way to explore and learn the form, features, and functions of any location or product. Such experiences can greatly benefit companies with the training of its regional or global workforce from a learning and development point of view. Sales and marketing can likewise showcase products and services. This type of immersive engagement is an extremely effective way of delivering training at lower costs with faster and more effective outcomes compared to conventional methods.

Advantages of immersive walkthroughs

- Showcase & further enhance your business prospects

- Go beyond boundaries & reduce travel costs

- Provide your clients with a superior experience

- Conduct visual inspections

- Train your regional & global workforce with immersive product walkthroughs

Location Walkthrough

With VR, users can explore, teleport and interact within a 3D immersive space. Such immersiveness creates a heightened sense of presence that suspends belief and promotes a feeling of actually being in a different environment. For example, a roughneck (oil drill worker) can experience a simulation of an offshore jack-up rig and he can safely move around the deck and interact with different parts of a rig.

Product Walkthrough

Virtual Reality makes the inaccessible accessible by allowing users to deep dive into a product, get an understanding of the inner functioning and get a sense of its dimensions. For example, an automobile engineer can virtually travel inside an engine and understand the movement of pistons, the actions of a spark plug, and the timing of the exhaust process. This, of course, is not possible in the physical world.


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