Immersive Task & Activity

Reducing Risk, Reducing Costs

Immersiveness allows for a situation in which users are engaged in a digital environment that facilitates interaction with their surroundings, plus the subject matter, to better learn how to perform certain tasks and activities.  Traditionally, this kind of skills training has been very costly or impractical to do in the real world. Immersive technologies can be used to streamline workflows by providing hands-free access to step-by-step instructions while performing a manual task. The user is empowered to explore the learning material and engage in performing related tasks and activities which leads to mastery of a desired skill-set.

Cutting-edge Immersive Tasks

- For training on complex machinery and performing difficult processes

- Maintenance and safety across a number of disciplines

- Customized  immersive activities and tasks  support focused learning opportunities

- Knowledge and skills can be successfully transferred to the real world

- Reports and analytics provide actionable data in order to improve knowledge transmission


Developing Skills for Maintenance & Repair

Immersive training can significantly increase the efficiency of maintenance repair operations. Hands-on trial and error in a simulated virtual environment better prepares engineers to effectively respond to critical situations. Using real-time visualization and information to assist in completing maintenance or repair tasks, companies can streamline workflow, accelerate productivity, and maintain product quality.

For example, if an employee needs to be trained on how to fix an electrical failure at a power plant, the company cannot introduce a real failure into the system, causing a shutdown, in order to train employees on how to respond. However, an employee can start activities and tasks in a power plant in a virtual world and learn how to assess and fix a fault, without disrupting service.

Aid in Handling Complex Operations

VR & AR scenarios allow users to handle and operate complex equipment confidently and safely in a physical environment. For example, in performing quality control for printed circuit boards, employees have to continuously look between a physical circuit board and a screen to compare, validate and test for an acceptable level of quality.

Reducing Risk while Performing Tasks

As safety is naturally a top priority for maintenance managers, VR is playing an increasing role in this space. Immersive learning and training reduces the risk of potential incidents and accidents that might arise while performing tasks in the physical world. Additionally, an immersive environment can greatly prepare users and allow for familiarity with safety precautions, to avoid injuries. According to a study by Automation Alley and data from the Energy Safety Institute at the University of Houston, training conducted using VR could potentially reduce accidents by at least 12%. This boost in safety alone can be enough to justify an investment in VR, significantly reducing the cost of accidents both in training and on the job.

Health & Safety

AR and VR is currently being used for facilitating a more realistic and practical scenario to immerse an audience in real-life situations. This promotes proper evaluation of potential risks, and allows for users to learn how to act accordingly. Employee motivation and individual engagement is significantly enhanced through virtual scenarios. Knowledge of health and safety procedures and hazardous situations is augmented, whilst technical issues are addressed.

For example, VR training is used as part of boot camp exercises, in conjunction with traditional military training, as VR has the unique ability to give soldiers a sense of presence of situations on a battlefield.  Teamwork, communication & speed of reactions are all important factors in training an elite force, and can all be practiced and improved by using VR training.

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