Immersive Collaboration

Immersive Collaboration

Immersive collaboration is revolutionizing workplace and communication process in the organization. It allows employees working from different locations of the world to come together in a spatial environment; interact with their co-workers on a project and share ideas and opinions. Collaborative product design in VR dramatically boosts efficiency. For example, in automotive design experts in vehicle safety, styling, vibration, etc are located all over the world. They can collaboratively resolve conflicts very quickly when simultaneously placed in collaborative immersive space allowing the interaction of design components.

Advantages of Immersive Collaboration

  • Improve productivity by integrating remote monitoring
  • Use immersive tools for collaboration & remote management
  • Make your place a global workplace with immersive collaboration
  • Make collaborative visualization possible
  • Minimise travel expenses

Remote Expert Assistance

The remote experience empowers technicians or workers to solve problems efficiently through remote assistance from different locations. This avoids incurring travel costs and the ability to stay in touch and keep collaborating on the project at hand.

Multi-User and Social VR

VR & AR allows multi-user capabilities where users can collaborate to work on product design and development in the digital world. For example, a few automotive engineers virtually collaborating on the new engine design. A bunch of soldiers is going through special operations training together, in the virtual world.

Social VR allows people to create or come together in a virtual environment as part of social engagements or fun activities. For example, teams can create a virtual workplace in the company of their co-workers; discuss ideas and strategies, and engage in team-building activities.

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