Centre of Excellence

Veative’s Centre of Excellence

Adoption and implementation of immersive technology for businesses starts with standardization. Our Centre of Excellence ensures consistency across enterprises and helps to accelerate, innovate and transform your business by using existing Veative resources and expertise to help drive new business opportunities for your organization.

Let us help you manage your immersive digital technology transformation, with a goal toward:

  • Profiting from AR and VR content creation and delivery.
  • Converting critical business concerns into opportunities using breakthrough technologies like AR/VR, Data Analytics & AI.
  • Helping your business to lead by example in unleashing the power of innovation.
  • Responding to emerging business needs by providing bespoke immersive content delivery platforms.
  • Training the next generation of AR, VR and MR creators.

Veative works closely with you to deliver a shared understanding of your business initiatives and objectives.

We guide you in crafting an achievable roadmap that shapes your digital landscape, to focus on your customers and business partners’ experiences in a way that increases the value of their engagement. This can include:

  • Thoughtful leadership throughout a collaborative undertaking.
  • Adaptive processes capable of evolving.
  • Commercialization of innovations.
  • Proof of concept and trials during an iterative process.
  • Problem solving.

Why Us

Veative has been offering immersive solutions to clients in more than 20 countries.


The Veative Delivery Centre is a World-class, State of the Art Facility

This seven-storey, 350-seat facility houses the Veative Development Centre, AR/VR Innovation Lab, 3D Auditorium, private offices, conference rooms, cafeteria services and more.



Our Clients

Veative has offered immersive solutions to many forward-thinking companies and organizations.

Industry Recognition

Veative has gained industry recognition and won numerous awards.