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Virtual Tours

Don’t let limited budgets and time constraints dictate where and what you can experience with your class. The world is within your grasp with our Virtual Tours.

Veative Virtual Tours create a sense of wonder, transporting learners to some of the worlds’ great locations where they can form an emotional bond and feel a sense of presence within those environments. Bring traditions and cultures to life and allow for a connection with art, history and architecture to strengthen, and empathetic bonds to manifest.


How Virtual Tours can positively impact the educational process

- Augment what a teacher is capable of presenting

- Ignite curiosity within learners

- Bring history, art and architecture to life

- Transport learners to previously unimaginable places

- Make multiple visits until the desired learning outcome is achieved

- A safe, economical, logistically simple means of making school excursions

- Reaching out to every student, allowing immersive learning for all

- Use VR Historic Tours as hazard free and cost-effective means of teaching Historical perspective & concepts


Our Virtual Tours

Veative’s VR modules are created by educators who have extensively researched sites to provide users with virtual, seemingly real-life experiences. Our teams of instructional designers explore related government websites, public libraries, and other available sources to understand the history, architecture, construction, interior, artwork, maps, and more, ensuring that key educational concepts and ideas are highlighted in the tours. The sense of presence is important, but the educational value within the tours is vital.

The Taj Mahal

A World Heritage Site, the 17th century mausoleum, constructed by the Mughal king Shahjahan in memory of his deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal, remains a symbol of eternal love and passion to this day. Apart from being India’s most prized architectural jewel, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It attracts 7 to 8 million visitors annually, with more than 0.8 million from overseas.

The Eiffel Tower

One of the most iconic and celebrated structures in the world, the Eiffel Tower is synonymous with the city of Paris and French identity. It is also the story of a visionary man, the architect Gustave Eiffel, who fought against all odds to bring his architectural dream to life. A perfect confluence of structural beauty and mathematical precision, the Eiffel Tower was instrumental in bringing France into the modern world. Now it brings the world to France’s doorstep, generating more than 7 million visitors to this impressive tower every year.

The Stonehenge

One of the earliest sites in the UK to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the architectural marvel also serves as an important source for archaeological research. Welcoming over a million visitors every year, Stonehenge continues to flourish as a site of immense historical and cultural significance for people across the world.

Statue of LIBERTY

Standing tall and proud in the New York Harbour, the Statue of Liberty is the universally recognizable symbol of democracy across the world. Commemorative of the friendship between the United States of America and France, this colossal structure, wrought in the neoclassical style, attracts 4.4 million visitors annually. With her torch held high in the sky as a shining beacon of hope, Lady Liberty is considered to be the physical manifestation of the American ideals of freedom and enlightenment. The Statue of Liberty stands out as the crowning glory of our modern world.

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