VR Storage Solutions


Safe and secure storage of your VR headsets, controllers, cables, and other items is important to protect your investment. Most storage choices will be based around the number of headsets you purchase, and how they will be divvied up around the school. One option is a 30 VR headset storage trolley/cabinet. This trolley, shown on the right, is built with everything you will ever need, such as built-in charging (110VAC – 240VAC) with multiple charging points, trays which extend out from the unit for easy access, plenty of ventilation, a rugged, secure body which can be locked, and casters for portability to other classrooms. This is the top-of-the-line unit that will properly maintain and store your VR setup.


For institutions which may wish to start with fewer devices, or may prefer to divide their headsets into more portable sets, we have the 8 VR storage case shown here. It is a well-padded, robust case with 2 wheels & an extendable handle, & comes prewired with multiple charging ports. This allows for easier mobility on larger campuses, and between floors.
Another, very economical option is a soft-sided carry bag for transporting headsets around campus, or to different locations. This heavily-padded bag holds a maximum of 15 VR headsets and comes with shoulder straps to comfortably transport many units. The bag holds all needed items in one, convenient place, and can be stored in a lockable closet or large cabinet for safe keeping.


Having multiple charging ports at the ready is always an important part of the process, to ensure your devices are ready to go when needed. High-speed charging is preferable as recharging is a necessary step since VR devices are heavy power users. The best devices will last throughout the day, on a single charge, but be ready for those that don’t.


One aspect of a trolley/cabinet or case to consider is the ability to load multiple VR lessons, modules or videos on to multiple VR units, at one go. For this, you need to think about “charge/sync” rather than simple charging of headsets. The fact that Veative has the largest library of fully interactive VR modules has made us sensitive to the issue of loading headsets. If a company doesn’t have or deal with lots of content, they needn’t consider this a concern. But we do, through necessity.
With our Veative App Manager and a Veative trolley or case, you can easily bulk load multiple headsets with multiple modules, saving the time and energy of the IT department, gaining you some well-deserved appreciation for considering their workload and effort. For this reason, and others, charge/sync is an important consideration when purchasing a cart or case.


In quite a few instances around the world, it is better to locally-source the electrics for carts and cases, because of regulations, duties, certifications and so on. For this reason, we also have a “naked” option, which is the cart or case without the wiring. We will furnish you with the same design, but also the specs needed for wiring. The storage options have been configured for adding charge/sync, so you will get exactly what you need, but at a substantial savings when factoring in certifications, duties, custom charges and so on. This is one more example of why experience matters.

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