From content, to loading, to available space for expansion, we’ve got you covered

Consumer products are fine for individual use, but education requires something more. In the real world, whether in classrooms or training facilities, education has specific issues which need to be attended to. If you have ever been challenged with one of these problems, know that we have already dealt with it, and have a solution for that.

  • I need content for the VR!
  • My internet isn’t 100% reliable, at all times.
  • I wish there was space on the VR for content we create.
  • The controller loses sync when in a classroom of multiple users.
  • If the controller is lost, I cannot use this device!
  • I need a battery that lasts through daily use.
  • Isn’t there a way to load multiple VR devices with content in bulk?

At Veative, we have been dealing with these issues and more, for years. We know education. No other company has to deal with hundreds of interactive, curriculum-aligned VR modules delivering actionable analytics and data, while maintaining effective usage both online and off. We have always challenged ourselves with the most difficult use cases, ensuring we have solutions for every real world situation.

Though Veative has prided itself on being “device agnostic”, experience has proven that every VR device in use today has certain challenges. This was the genesis of the EduPro, a VR device created specifically to solve the issues faced in classrooms and learning centres from Kenya to Canada.

100+ hours of Pre-loaded VR Content

  • STEM, Virtual Tours and English Language Learning content
  • Curriculum-aligned, interactive VR content
  • No muss, no fuss

32 / 64 / 128 GB Massive Storage for our content, and yours

  • Close to 700 modules for learning, taking half the space
  • Plenty of room for teacher/student created work, or 3rd party content
  • Space will inevitably fill up, so 256 GB of extra storage available via micro SD
  • Always looking beyond the needs of today

2 Ways to Control and Interact with the Content

  • Handheld controller and touchpad on the device
  • Controller allows for a wider variety of interactivity (drag/drop, dissect, assemble, select, etc…)
  • Touchpad is convenient, plus a safeguard against lost controllers (learning should never stop!)

An education-focused operating system

  • Giving schools control over what can be accessed, and what cannot
  • Android based (8.1) with MDM
  • Complete integration with our Veative content, but allowing 3rd party apps as well


EduPro 32 GB: INR 58,500 + Taxes

EduPro 64 GB: INR 75,000 + Taxes

EduPro 128 GB: INR 89,500 + Taxes

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