Interactive Cardboard Kit

At Veative, we take device agnosticism seriously

Although we have a preferred device (the EduPro), Veative has been device agnostic since Day 1. As our solution (VR content + analytics) is about the educational benefits of VR for learning, we have been less concerned about the device used than the experience gained. To that end, we have deployed our solution on a number of standalone devices (Oculus Go, Pico Goblin, Lenovo Daydream) around the world. We have created the EduPro to solve issues with each device, but we are aware that some regions and markets need an alternative solution, which may involve a VR-ready phone and a viewer.

We have delivered many of those as well. Let’s take a look at what is needed.

Play Interactive VR Content on Google cardboard Kit

The most affordable way to play interactive VR content. Use Veative’s handhled controller that works with any google cardboard compatible phone and a VR Viewer.


You will need a Veative controller to interact with the content. Our content is not simply point and select, and as such, we need a specially-mapped controller to get full benefit of the modules. Our interactivity includes: dissection, assembly, drag and drop, select, move (within the environment) and so on. Thus, you will need a controller capable of performing these tasks, which has also been programmed to carry out these actions.

Your Veative VR controller may come with different connectors, depending on the phone of your choice, which include:

  • USB
  • MicroUSB
  • USB-CBluetooth


If the phone is VR-compatible, you have most of what you need. You will be able to have the same, great experience with our Veative VR modules, with one caveat. Lower-cost phones have limited storage, so you will need to be mindful of what gets loaded, and when. The good news is that you can likely load a semester’s worth of STEM and Virtual Tour content onto a phone, and worry about replacing that content at the end of the year. Don’t worry… we have software to help the loading process!


We have Veative-branded viewers, in a couple of styles to choose from. However, if you have other viewers on hand, you can put those to work. The only thing to consider is that a controller is needed, for true interactivity, and as such, the viewer must allow access to the phone’s charging port, which we use to connect the controller. One exception to this is a Bluetooth controller (see below), although keep in mind that Bluetooth can be fidgety, and there may be issues when using VR with a large number of people in one area (like a classroom). Our own field testing informed us that a wired controller may be the preferred option in some places.

VR Content Library for Interactive Cardboard Kit

  • Pre-loaded with STEM, Virtual Tours and English Language learning content.
  • Simply enter the 9 digit activation PIN to get started.
  • No hassles of downloading and installing content.

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