Will VR positively affect my bottom line?

For training to be truly effective, it requires on-site and hands-on experience that is beyond the reach of traditional methods, and often requires booking time on a machine. Further to this, results need to be measured and assessed to confirm effectiveness. And finally, training under dangerous conditions needs to address exposure to potential safety concerns, including loss of life.


I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.


Harness the power of experiential learning

  • Reflects the working environment
  • One can fail without negative consequences (and failure is a part of the learning process)
  • Success after trail and error builds confidence
  • VR allows for experience which improves retention via “learn my doing”
  • Allow machinery to remain productive, rather than allocated for training
  • The immersive environment eliminates distractions and promotes focused attention on the task at hand
  • Learn on site or remotely (remove located-specific expenses like travel and accommodations), and reduce training costs
  • Enforce or reduce multi-lingual requirements (VR allows for greater flexibility in delivery of training methods)

The Veative Solution

Our solution can be customized, but this is a typical setup request that fits a number of needs. A Veative solution always begins with content, the establishment of which will be in conjunction with the client’s SME (subject matter expert), ensuring proper alignment with the needs identified by the client. Beyond this, visual storyboarding, usage of client assets, customization of assessment and language needs, and so on underscores the value we place in viable solutions that work, and which fit the specifications of our clients.


HTC Vive

  • 6 DOF with 2 controllers
  • Must be connected to a PC and requires that space be set aside to accommodate positional sensors
  • Limited coverage achievable within an organization

EduPro (mobile, all-in-one device)

  • 3 DOF with 1 controller
  • Much more widely accessible throughout an organization as this is transportable
  • Modest headset costs
  • Easily transported for remote operation in the field, or various locations

Our Clients

Veative has offered immersive solutions to many forward-thinking companies and organizations.

Industry Recognition

Veative has gained industry recognition and won numerous awards.