Leverage New Tools

Traditionally, the focus of training analysis has been on ease of scheduling, organizing the training materials and aligning it to the participants' needs. Besides providing all of it, our platform envelops training analysis in a new environment and replaces conventional methods.  Immersion focuses the participant’s attention and makes total use of his natural instinct to think, analyze, and ingest data in multiple dimensions. With AR/VR, training analysis becomes as simple as putting on a headset.  Immersion adds a spark of joy and wonderment to the currently painful yet crucial work of finding actionable insight within datasets. Discovering meaningful patterns and correlations ceases to be repetitive. Within immersive spaces, these actions are analysed by a learning management system.



Converting Data into Useful Information & Actionable Insights

  • Training analysis is human-centered and democratized. Shifting from a linear method to a nonlinear approach.
  • Training is displayed in ways that everyone understands.
  • Entire datasets and models are accessible to you, with minimal training.
  • Democratization of training insight allows everyone on a team or within a company to contribute their unique knowledge bases & perspective to the process of analyzing data, ensuring that no one’s voice is left out and that no viewpoint is left unexamined.



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