Subscription & Onboarding

Create and Manage Personalized User Profiles

Administrators can easily set up personalized user profiles for learners, instructors, trainers, guardians/coaches, administrators and even to a district/ministry/HQ level. It all starts with the design, and with experienced educators (us) who know that measurable & actionable data is a vital component, ensuring that all stakeholders, at every level, have something that attends to their needs.

The Veative system integrates VR assessments and user data with individual user dashboards, designed for each party and each level, within the system. 

User Roles & Permissions

User roles and permissions enable administrators to assign specific permissions to user groups and to manage role-based access. Users assigned to a role or group are granted those permissions. Learners have individual access whereas trainers have access to all learners under their purview. Further to this, admin has access to user data within the institution, and districts or HQ has important progress information and success metrics across the board. We understand the importance of this information for both assessment of efficacy of the solution, and for allocation of future budgets. We are that confident in what we have to offer that we don’t shy away from any of these metrics.

Subscription Management

Users are assigned to respective content subscriptions and the relevant content is filtered to those users. If a user is assigned a course, the VR modules for that particular course are all that a user will see. The administrator or the trainer will automatically see this user's results. This is structured by the subscription management tool, which in the case of schools, may be centered on the curriculum.

Our Clients

Veative has offered immersive solutions to many forward-thinking companies and organizations.

Industry Recognition

Veative has gained industry recognition and won numerous awards.