Content Multicaster

Sometimes, it’s about seizing control

The VR is a uniquely personal experience which promotes learner agency through self-paced, self-directed learning. But there are times when a bit of control over the situation is warranted. 

Veative’s multicasting and monitoring tool helps you manage a group VR session easily and effectively. You can deliver AR/VR content modules to a group of users simultaneously on their devices and guide them through the experience. You can also monitor what each user is seeing, helping keep everyone on track.

Launch Content Modules via Multicast

Using content multicasting, teachers or trainers can launch AR/VR content modules simultaneously on all user devices. This feature ensures that all users remain in-sync with the instructor as they experience the same content as a group. In a school, this could be to ensure everyone is on task with the same content module. In a training scenario, this lends itself to working small groups through the same experience at one time. This works well from an assessment standpoint – who was able to grasp the information quickly and efficiently, and safely. This is also important from a logistics point of view, when there is limited time to take a group of trainees through a number of stations, in a set amount of time.

Control and Real Time Monitoring

Instructors can pause or stop the content module to maintain control in the session. The modules are also designed to not allow students to opt out of that lesson, as the Back button and Exit buttons are disabled. This affords the instructor more control.

The monitor function allows instructors to see inside the user headset, to help orient that user, and to see if all the users are focused on the right place.

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