Behaviour Analysis

Using “Real Life” Scenarios to Assess and Transform Learning Behaviour

In behaviour analysis, we identify a problem, teach to skill deficits, and train an individual until he or she no longer needs prompts or cues. We offer new possibilities for learning, specifically for training individuals on behavioural change. This is done by performing physical activities in an immersive world. Human motion, or each immersive action, is captured as the user feels physically present in a non-physical world. This process promotes a greater level of satisfaction among users, thereby creating more users, and more users mean more insights, more informed decisions, and overall business success!



Capturing Immersive Actions & Analysis

This is achieved by surrounding the user with appealing visuals, a compelling storyline, and appropriate sound and stimuli designed to capture each immersive action and provide useful data on how tactile the user experience is.

  • Duration - exactly like time-based (example - how long the user takes to adapt to the app)
  • Dexterity - focuses on tactile functionality, right/left hand usage, accuracy of the immersive actions, and so on
  • Data Collection - the number of attempts while performing tasks, reflex, hand-eye coordination and the response to real life-like scenarios



Behaviour Analysis Reports

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