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Learning brought to life

Building confidence, and enhancing learning, one concept at a time

We are a large group of teachers, educators and technology experts who know the importance of making learning engaging, and helping learners to connect with ideas and concepts. There is no magic bullet to education, but a motivated learner is an active learner and we strive to help students learn… period.

All relevant research points to the need for learners to connect with concepts, and each instance that someone does that, enhances their ability to retain that knowledge. Our own research suggests that VR is a fantastic tool to achieve such connectedness.

Interactivity that counts

More than simply adding interactivity, it is important as educators that we add interactivity that counts. This is two-fold in that counts means it is meaningful, and counts also means to keep track of something.

We look for a variety of ways to make VR into an active experience rather than a passive experience, like a walk-through. To this end, we include constant self-assessment tasks within each module, both to engage with the learner and to have a record of progress. We know that self-assessment can help to enhance the learning process, but as educators ourselves, we require some data on learners to help identify areas of weakness, so that those areas may be attended to further.

We track activity statements (what module was viewed, how long, and so on) and quiz scores, which may be tracked back into an LMS (school’s Learning Management System), or which can be accessed by parents or tutors, to allow for some feedback on learner progress and understanding of concepts.