Immersive Ideas for the Oil & Gas Industry

Globally, energy sectors have been slower adopters of advanced technologies as there's long been a reliance on traditional methods to carry out work procedures. In addition, the implementation of any technology involves a large sum of capital investment, which may not be feasible for many oil and gas companies. As the energy sector is starting to realize the benefits of using advanced technologies in operations companies, they are adopting technologies to improve operational efficiency and serve customers better. The use of virtual reality and augmented reality in the oil and gas field has the potential to minimize operational costs, improve safety, and broaden the types of services provided among these industries.

Virtual Oil Refinery

The Challenge

Oil companies are refiners, transporters and marketers of petroleum products. Their operations need to be very efficient in order to make the most out of each drop of crude oil. Hence, such companies put a strong impetus upon learning and development activities. However, many companies are still incorporating traditional methods during classroom training, and tools which lack an experiential component.
In addition to the efficacy of existing training, there is a strong cost component which must not be overlooked. Repeatedly taking a group of learners or trainees to an on-site location is an expensive proposition, and that, too, can be avoided.

The Solution

Veative has worked closely with a major oil company to create an immersive walkthrough of a typical oil refinery. The user is first acquainted with standard safety procedures and then proceeds to an environment where the type of virtual tour can be chosen. One is a guided tour requiring the user to follow a prescribed sequence which cannot be altered, and another one is a customized tour where scenarios like exploring an ADU unit, off-site facilities, and so on can be chosen.

This detailed module has been made for the HTC Vive platform and is successfully installed at the L&D centre of the company.

The Result 

- The above solution is helping the organization to offer better training of their employees by having them experience a situation before they actually go on site

- This has helped the organization to reduce the cost of conducting typical training sessions as it has resulted in reducing the number of on-site visits

- The solution has helped in providing a better and smarter orientation process for new employees

Oil Drilling Technician

The Challenge

An oil rig is a place from where the crude is drilled. It is perhaps the most important sites in any Oil Company. It is also perhaps one of the most dangerous areas where frequent accidents can happen and entry of even the experts is restricted when the drill is live. Hence training of the people on drilling operations is a costly affair and has to be organized carefully. 

Such locations are often located at remote locations and sending people repeatedly is not feasible. Introduction of VR/AR technology can really help in making dramatic change in the way such training is conducted.

The Solution

Veative has worked closely with an Industry leader to create innovative immersive applications.After various rounds of deliberations and discussions Veative has developed 15 minutes immersive walkthrough of a typical Oil refinery. The user has to go through the standard safety procedures first and then lands in a environment where he can choose the type of Virtual tour he wants to take. One option is a guided tour where he has follow certain sequence and cannot skip it and another one is the customized tour where he can choose scenarios like exploring ADU unit, off site facilities, etc.

The module has been made for HTC Vive Platform and is successfully installed at their L&D centre.

The Result 

- The above solutions are helping these organizations in better training of there employees by making them experience a situation before they actually go on site.

- This has helped these organizations in reducing the cost of conducting a typical training session as it has resulted in reducing the number of onsite visits.

- These modules help in better and smarter orientation of the new joinees.

- Better Safety and Hazard Training

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