AR/VR in Healthcare

The medical field is often about trade-offs. Clinical decision-making is oft-times about risks vs benefits; rarely do you get the latter without the former. However, there are also occasional win-wins in medicine, where an advance is a clear improvement without any significant downsides. These days, technology is what drives such improvements. The undeniable potential of AR and VR to improve training procedures and even the operational side of medicine represents incredible opportunities. VR technology is able to produce virtual environments such as an operating room, surgical site, patient anatomy, or therapeutic simulation, in which to fully exploit what immersive technology can bring to this field.

Virtual Eye Cataract Surgery

The Challenge

Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. The normally clear aspirin-sized lens of the eye starts to become cloudy. The result is much like smearing grease over the lens of a camera as it impairs normal vision. Cataract surgery is a fairly common procedure to remove a cloudy lens from inside the eye to restore vision. The cloudy lens inside the eye is replaced with an artificial lens or intraocular lens.
Training of this common procedure can be challenging and expensive.

The Solution

Veative has developed a training module on treating cataracts. The user can explore the exact problem area in the eye and the procedures and steps involved. The user can use virtual tools to initiate the treatment. This module has been developed to use mixed reality technology for the Microsoft Hololens platform.

The Result

This module brings a life-like scenario in front of the user to explore various aspects of the surgery using this module, meeting the logistic challenge of going into an operation theatre again and again.

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