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The military sector has long been a primary user of augmented reality (AR) technology, although not specifically labeled as such. Virtual reality (VR) in the military is a more recent market opportunity. These immersive tools are quietly becoming integral within the defense community, including military, special police, and homeland security applications. AR in particular is an important tool in support of combat operations. VR is used primarily for training. However, it is beginning to find a role in operational situations with teleoperation (the ability to operate equipment or a machine from a distance) and cloud robotics for remote control of equipment and weapons systems.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The Challenge

Medical training is equally important in defensive operations. Traumatic events during war and rescue operations can result in PTSD. Several studies suggest that VR can aid in the rehabilitation process of defence personnel suffering from such conditions. Virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) is gaining ground as another way to help people recover from PTSD.

For instance, a veteran who develops PTSD may actively avoid anything which simulates a war-like situation once again. However, with VR, being able to confronts such fears without having to be in the battlefield can effectively aid in recovery. Studies have shown that following VRET, soldiers have experienced a reduction in PTSD symptoms.

The Solution

Veative has developed a simulation to train users on first-aid procedures in cases where one has to treat a soldier who has combat stress disorder. The simulation involves taking the subject to a medical camp where he is provided necessary first aid. The user has to perform activities like ensuring proper procedures for putting a subject on a stretcher, checking body temperature, shifting the patient to a different bed once the basic observation is performed, and so on.

This simulation has been developed for the HTC Vive platform.



The Result 

- Helps in providing a better overview of the entire combat stress disorder process

- The user gains more through the experiential component of actually performing activities

- This module helps to reduce training costs while subsequently increasing efficacy

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