AR/VR in Cyber Security

Organizations are increasingly relying on Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to protect and secure their knowledgebase and intellectual property. An SOC is a focused facility where security specialists monitor, assess and defend against computer security issues. Introducing Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology into this environment can enhance team performance, which translates into opportunity gains.

Virtual Cyber Hub

The Challenge

Today, cyber security is a primary component of a country's overall national security and economic security strategy. A security analyst faces many challenges related to cyber security such, as securing the confidential data of government organizations, securing private organization servers, and so on.

Such challenges increase the need for better-trained professionals, and this need is ever-growing and not likely to subside anytime soon. Bringing AR/VR into the picture helps said professionals to visualize and analyze threats in a profoundly different way, thereby increasing company performance.

The Solution

Veative partnered with NASSCOM DSCI to conceptualize a use case for the introduction of VR into the world of cyber security. The goal was to develop a prototype to promote visualization of a scenario in which a cyber security specialist could easily identify possible attacks and vulnerabilities in a virtual cyber security lab.

This simulation was created for use on a Google Daydream VR device. The user is introduced into a cyber environment where various hacking threats can be identified and proper analysis of the network can be performed.

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