AR/VR in Automotive

The automotive industry is one of the most important economic sectors. Automotive manufacturers are continuously utilizing current technologies in order to deliver the best, possible product. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies are rapidly advancing, offering unique capabilities with respect to providing experiential training in real-time to better capture enterprise knowledge within an organization.

The Virtual Car Engine

The Challenge

In most cases, trainees within the automotive industry find it difficult to explore the inner workings of an engine. This is where VR can be of help. With an engine simulation, trainees can easily see operations, collaborate as a team during the training process, and acquire necessary skills, all at an individualized pace of learning.

The Solution

Veative has developed a simulation of a typical four-stroke internal combustion engine. This immersive experience helps users to not only take an immersive walkthrough of various parts and components of the engine, but also explore the engine in detail by use of interactivity such as disassembling and reassembling the entire engine, part by part. This experience creates a deeper, more meaningful encounter for learners/trainees.

Veative has used its cross-platform migration accelerator plugins to provide the solution on multiple platforms including:

- Stereoscopic 3D simulation for PC

- VR App for HTC Vive and Acer MR Devices

- MR App for Microsoft Hololens

- AR App for mobile phones

The Result 

- Knowledge acquisition comes alive

- The user can interact with the module as desired (almost without limit)

- Significant cost savings by reducing the number of visits to a facility or test centre

- Deeper understanding of both components and processes

Industry Cases

Veative’s immersive solutions have helped many organizations transform operational processes, personnel capabilities and define future customer engagement showcases.












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