School Account Setup

Each school is provided with a unique School Account which enables administrators and teachers to effectively manage their Veative Content Subscription

Manage Users

School administrators can easily add students and teachers in the system. There is a bulk import option which lets administrators import users in bulk using a spreadsheet.

User Management
Manage Enrolments

Manage Enrolments

School administrators can enrol students and teachers in respective grades and subjects.

Track Active VR Devices

School administrators can keep track of the VR devices which are activated under Veative VR subscriptions.

Track Students progress
Biology Module - Preview

Preview Content Modules

Teachers can preview VR content modules in video format and plan their lessons in advance. Previews are 30-second trailers of the VR content, providing teachers with context.

Track Student Progress

Teachers get access to a robust reporting and analytics system which keeps track of student activity and scores. This enables quick visualization of student interactions with the VR Modules, via the dashboard.

Reports and Analytics
Teacher Training
Teacher Training for
Effective Deployment in Schools
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First Practical VR Solution
designed for classroom use
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Classroom Usage