Virtual Reality: An Extension of the Self ?

One of the most significant challenges facing us in an increasingly technologized world is how to conceptualize the self. The self, a protean entity, is often perceived as a bundle of contradictions, seemingly constant and yet so fragile, familiar and yet elusive. However, as we push ourselves to the frontiers ….

A World of Difference: Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented reality, AR, combines the best of both worlds, the wonders of the natural world and the exciting discoveries enabled by educational technologies like AR. For young learners in particular, AR appeals to their insatiable curiosity about the world around them, allowing young learners to embark on a path of learning mediated through the best of what the digital age has to offer..

Why is Gyroscope Important for Virtual Reality?

A gyroscope is defined as a device which uses the earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. It is termed as gyro-sensors when it comes to smartphones.They measure the rate of rotation around the device’s x, y and z axes. .

Breaking the Mold – How VR Can Help Teachers

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding as well as one of the hardest jobs in the world. However, there is help at hand, through the use of VR in education. While parsing the challenges of the pedagogical condition, we break down the benefits of adopting VR technology in the classroom as a mitigative measure and advance the cause of truly enriching education..

Virtual Tours: Around the World with a VR Headset

Whether you are a young learner, an avid history buff, or just a curious traveler, get ready to embark on an adventure trip around the world with virtual tours. This post offers a comprehensive overview of virtual tours, focusing on uses and benefits. From providing myriad views of world heritage sites to presenting interesting facts about the history of globally renowned monuments, such tours are an excellent way to quench our wanderlust, virtually. .

Looking into the Crystal Ball: The Future of VR in Education

The future is a realm of all sorts of unimaginable possibilities. But it isn’t too difficult to answer the question of where VR will be in the next five years. The sector that arguably stands to gain the most from rapid developments in VR technology is that of education. What ….

Immersive Learning in Virtual Reality: A Few Lessons

The great bard of Bengal, Rabindranath Tagore, was of the view that education should be a ‘joyous exercise of our inventive and constructive energies’. As an educator, my interest in VR therefore lies in understanding its role and potential in spearheading changes in our educational ecosystems. Although, change, as Larry ….

Are Children Learning Or Memorizing?

Addressing the gaps in traditional learning methods, such as rote learning, Dave Dolan makes a compelling case for VR-based learning in bringing about a transformative educational experience. In a constantly evolving learning environment, the writer underscores the importance of fostering a stimulating and participatory mode of engagement through VR, which could work wonders in assisting and deepening the learning process..