Creating Awareness

We at Veative believe that School Education is the foundation for any child and any society. We have a mission to enhance the learning experience of young learners and support the teaching experience of teachers. In doing so, we hope to positively influence engagement, retention and desire to learn.

We know that there is a need for school administration and teachers to be aware of such learning experiences and that it is important for them to get the data needed to inform educational decisions. We strongly believe that teachers are the backbone of classrooms, and their understanding of the new technologies available is very important.

Hence, Veative has launched its Awareness drive for Virtual Reality (VR) based School Education. The regions we are covering in our first phase of this initiative are Africa, India, the Middle East, USA and the UK. Our expert teams are visiting various schools and conducting awareness workshops involving both teachers and students, without any cost to the school or learning institute. The presenters give an introduction to the product and provide teachers and learners a chance to have a hands-on experience with this cutting-edge learning tool.

This is Veative's commitment to our global society, taking another step towards fulfilling our mission of bringing VR-based educational solutions to ALL, motivating learning and growth, throughout the world.