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Unlocking the power of
Immersive Technologies
for Education and Skill Development

Veative is a global provider of education technology and learning simulations for schools and industries, using immersive technologies such as 3D, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. Veative’s focus is to bring significant educational transformation by introducing immersive and interactive modules within classrooms.

Curating an ever-growing STEM library (currently 500+ modules), Veative works to engage students with concepts, closing the gap between knowledge and understanding. We also see great value in empowering teachers, by providing meaningful feedback and analytics.

300+ workforce

Experienced AR/VR
450+ VR Modules

VR Modules in
Education & Training
Projects in 10+ Countries

Countries for Pilot
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(US English, UK English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Hindi & other Regional Languages)

Our Mission & Vision

Quote Before Our mission is to bring learning to life, by building innovative tools, using augmented and virtual reality technologies, for the students all over the world, in an affordable, and interactively immersive environment. We aim to unlock the power of immersive learning to inspire and motivate learners everywhere. Quote After

Quote Before Our vision is to help create a world where we can transform the way we learn, gain knowledge and grow. Where we unleash the power of digital innovation to make immersive learning affordable and transformative, motivating learners all over the world, irrespective of their socioeconomic background, in a digitally connected world. Quote After

Mission and Vision

Our Journey

Scaling up to develop a VR educational solution with the depth, breadth & quality of content expected by educators worldwide, enabled by an organizational foundation deeply rooted in education and industry.

Set up Veative Labs Singapore

Set up innovation & development center in India

Set up in-house AR/VR training & research CoE

Participated at BETT 2017. Won Best of Bett Awards (nominated by young learners)

Extended operations to MENA

Extended operations to North America & China

Launched India’s first enterprise Unity CoE

  • Extended operations to Africa
  • Exceeded 300+ workforce
  • Completed 400+ immersive modules

Signed agreement with NISA to transform India’s 50,000+ budget schools using AR/VR

Awards and Recognitions

GESS 2018
EdTechReview Award
Bett 2018
Won Best of BETT
GESS 2017 Finalist
Best Show Winner at ISTE 2017
Getting Smart
CoE Launching in India with Unity
Business World
Entrepreneur India
Your Story
VR Focus
The Journal
IT pro portal
20+ Countries

Veative has launched its Awareness drive for Virtual Reality (VR) based School Education. The regions we are covering in our first phase of this initiative are Africa, India, the Middle East, USA and the UK. Our expert teams are visiting various schools and conducting awareness workshops involving both teachers and students, without any cost to the school or learning institute.

Global VR Awareness Programs