VR Solutions for SCHOOLS

Virtual Reality has brought in a paradigm shift in learning. Using Virtual Reality in the classroom will give students the opportunity to interact and engage with their subjects in a virtual environment.

Veative's device agnostic VR solution has access to 500+ interactive VR modules developed by Veative empowering teachers to help students learn in a better way.

With our immersive and interactive STEM VR modules, students can dive deep into subjects, and explore concepts that cannot be visualized in the chalk-n-talk method of teaching.

VR Learn Kit

Veative VR Headset
Device Agnostic
VR solution for schools
Veative VR Headset
Secure Classroom
Charging & Storage
Veative VR Headset
Veative VR Headset
Teacher Tablet for
Classroom Controls

Extensive Educational STEM LIBRARY

Enrich learning experiences with our 500+ modules of breathtaking content



CHEMISTRY Watch Module


Educational Tours

Educational Tours
Language Learning

Language Learning

Educator Tools

The Veative VR solution is not just about visual, interactive content, there are educator tools in the solution to empower teachers when using virtual reality in the classroom

Classroom Controls using VR in Classroom


Using the Veative Classroom Management App, the teacher can control the VR modules on student VR headsets. The teacher can easily set up a virtual lab session using the VEATIVE classroom management app that enables multiple students in a classroom to join the lab session and instantly access VR modules launched by the teacher.

Reports and analytics

Reports &

The teacher can monitor the performance of the class as well as individual students. The teacher can also access module reports that helps in effective lesson planning. Students can access their individual reports through the student dashboard which helps them to track their performance

Content Management


The teacher can easily find structured content that is mapped to their curriculum. This feature not only saves teacher time to search for best fit modules, but also makes the content more adaptable to the needs of the teacher.

VR Solutions for Industry Sectors

Veative is launching a new wave of skill development and revolutionizing the way we learn and gain skills. Veative’s immersive and interactive content promotes experiential learning across different industry sectors, such as power, oil & gas, automotive, medical, defense, mining, construction, cyber security, hospitality, tourism to bridge the skill gap and enrich the workforce.

Veative uses learning pedagogies for developing solutions to help organizations make their workforce more skillful by training through interactive 3D, VR, AR and MR platforms. Our focus areas are Technical Skills, Soft Skills, Health and Safety.

Our AR/VR content is tightly integrated with backend learning systems and advanced data analytics for data insights, dashboarding and reports.

Custom Solutions

Veative VR Headset
360 Degree

To enhance learning and giving it immersive effect
Veative VR Headset
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality Content
Customized projects based on customer requirements
Veative VR Headset
3D Modelling &

To digitize the existing learning material

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Eldrok India K12 Summit

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    student’s testimonial

    I really like it being used in science i think i love it a lot if i would actually go to space and learn about planets or possibly go inside our body.The VR experience was engaging.I loved almost everything i studied.A very fun experience.I understood a lot of things.

    Student, Grade-8
    Delhi Public School, Noida
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    teacher’s testimonial

    It was a Engaging, Interesting and Beneficial experience.I like that it is flexible and you can work at your own page, there is immediate feedback.Students today love gadgets and can enjoy and benefit from VR. VR can be used to benefit learning in environmental science.

    Dzvinamurungu Shorati
    Tynwald primary school, Zimbabwe
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    student’s testimonial

    VR allows the students to understand in a better way by developing the interest of the students towards learning. It was interesting, I like the 360 degree experience the colours were very good.

    Student, Grade-9
    St. Thomas School, Ghaziabad
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    teacher’s testimonial

    The pupils have managed to use laptop,s sometimes when they were having lessons.The laptops are not sufficient.I would like to integrate VR in my class because It draws the attention of the pupils and they tend to understand better, the alternative environment enable pupils to have good attitude towards learning using VR.

    Kativhu A
    Mutasa Primary School, Zimbabwe
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    student’s testimonial

    I liked seeing myself on the other side of the world and being connected to things that can not be seen on naked eye. I liked seeing the human brain and electrons. I would like to learn Mathematics and Biology through VR.

    Student, Grade-11
    Boitumelong Senior Secondary School, South Africa
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    teacher’s testimonial

    The effectiveness of the VR is bringing things to virtual reality. I would like to integrate VR in my class because it captivates learner's attention and remigrates the learners apatite to learn. VR can be used to benefit Science and technology related subjects.A typical improvement is education of all time great.

    Matanhire Basilm
    Chogugudza Primary School, Zimbabwe
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