Win a Veative VR headset at ISTE 2017!

Calling all ISTE 2017 attendees! Want to win a Veative VR Learn VR headset? If you’re attending ISTE 2017, there are two ways you can win your very own Veative VR Learn headset.

Class Is Almost In Session At ISTE 2017

We’re only a few weeks away from ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, TX where we’ll be launching VR Learn, a new offering for for 3D, VR, AR and mixed reality education.

At the Veative booth (#2346) visitors can step inside our VR classroom and experience modules in biology, chemistry, physics and math specifically designed for K-12 schools. The VR Learn headset is pre-loaded with high-quality content that aligns to curriculums and fits neatly into the classroom.

Education – the Next Frontier for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the hottest topics in tech right now, with buzz about its potential stretching from film, TV and games, to healthcare, retail and more. But it hasn’t seen nearly the same amount of attention in the education space.

Virtual Reality: The Future of Classroom Education

Virtual reality is a versatile technology that has a broad range of applications, education being one of them. Teaching and learning have gone beyond the conventional norms of reading from a book and understanding. The traditional learning methods need to coupled with new advanced learning resources with the development of technology. This helps the students to visualize and understand concepts at a much extensive level.

Know about Veative Labs

Veative Labs is growing to be a popular name in the world of education technologies. Veative Labs reflects the deep in roads it has made in many countries across the globe by developing in technology as well as education.The company is structured in such a way to offer more attainable results for use in various education solutions.